Becoming Quintet - One-Track Mind cover.jpg

One-Track Mind


Markus is a part of a dynamic co-lead group called Becoming Quintet. The concept behind this nucleus is to continue evolving into something greater with fresh musical ideas. They are inspired to stay “becoming” something new and “become” what was already predestined. Markus’ composition, One-Track Mind is the title track for Becoming Quintet’s debut CD with Posi-Tone Records. They are on a unified “one-track mind” toward sharing their collage of music with the world.

  1. Free Time

  2. One-Track Mind

  3. Here She Comes

  4. One-Sided Love Affair

  5. I Owe It All To You

  6. Twisting & Turning

  7. Onward

  8. Indestructible

  9. Last Smile

  10. That Uncle G Thang

  11. Stay Awhile